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Where do I start? To say I’m nervous to put this out into the world is an understatement. But…here we go!

We found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve 2018. Can you imagine how excited we were? It was the best Christmas present EVER!! From then on our days were spent talking about pregnancy announcements, will we find out the sex of our baby, listening to podcasts about babies & parenting and who they might look like. The moment that you find out you’re pregnant, you’re already a mum. Instantly, you feel a bond with your baby and your life revolves around pregnancy.

And then, 11 weeks later…miscarriage.  It’s gone, just like that!

Heartbreak, devastation, sadness. We cried, got angry and frustrated, and then cried some more. The hardest part was not knowing why?

Miscarriage is so common and so many people, unfortunately, experience it.

Thank goodness for our amazing family and friends. And thank goodness for my very supportive partner. Seriously, how on earth did I get so lucky? One thing I did realise, is that we both grieve in different ways and this is totally ok. We certainly learnt a lot about each other as individuals and as a partnership.

Unfortunately, this was not our only pregnancy loss. We’ve had another two since then, one early in the second trimester.

So……the reason I started HEY IVY? As I’m sure you all know, when you google something, anything and everything to do with that subject starts to appear on Facebook and Instagram (sometimes I think our phones can hear our conversations). I started seeing the most adorable baby and kids’ clothes and accessories popping up everywhere, and this is where the dream began. I put it on hold after our first loss, but I was encouraged to continue to follow my dreams.

So here we are…

Thank you for your support

Love and Happiness

Kelly xo